Pix Remote Documentation

Media Playback Software

You can activate or deactivate your license in the "About license" menu


With the uninstaller software you can :

The licenses are floating, you can deactivate it on one station to activate it on another station.

Parameters can be configured for the player in the settings menu

Content playback is based on 4 modes :

Click on row element to edit

  • MIDI

Controllers connected to the computer appear in the list, capture keys for target commands

  • HTTP

Commands can be executed with HTTP requests of type: GET

Remote interface is available with a web browser

  • Streamdeck Plugin

Once the plugin is installed, drag and drop the actions on Streamdeck software :

The signal can be routed to :

  • physical output : HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt..
  • virtual output : NDI® (vidéo only)

Video source selection can be made on each output

Audio device is displayed, frequency generation is available to test the output

    Pix Remote - v1.2.0

  • Fix : reset TC on kill
  • Fix : audio meter loading
  • New : web remote interface
  • Pix Remote - v1.1.0

  • stable release
  • Pix Remote - v1.0.1

    Pix Remote β - v0.9.5

    Pix Remote β - v0.9.2

    Pix Remote β - v0.9.1

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